Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Portland Fashion Week, Spring/Summer 2010 Collection by NelliDru Design


NelliDru Design - Spring/Summer 2010 Collection

Fashion designer NelliDru design has launched her outstanding Fashion assortment for the spring/summer 2010, on the 7th of October, 2009, at Qube Lounge, Portland.

NelliDru design is not just a designer but a designing squad, NelliDru Design, designs particularly for the American women and she is on the view that the American women are fashionable and conventional, in their styles. NelliDru design is well aware and understands the graceful fabric, excellence and worth of the designing materials.

In the Portland Fashion Week, Fashion designer NelliDru design displayed some of her exclusive and elegant dresses and astonished the audience. In some selective soft and bright colors, she exhibited the uniquely designed outfits. The frocks and maxis were presenting new concepts in designing frocks, as they were a little bit different from the traditional frock style. The skits & blouses were also present in the Fashion affair to amaze the viewers, with their cuts and design delineation.

"Coordinating longevity in clothing", is one of the work slogan or attitude of the Designing philosophy of the Fashion designer NelliDru design.

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