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Indian Kurta Pajama - Kurta Pajama Designs 2010

Kurta Pajama - India's Traditional Fashion

Kurta Pajama, consisting of two pieces of garments, is one of the basic fashion for Indian men. The primary item of clothing is a kurta that is like a free long shirt almost reaching the knees, whereas the next one is the pajama or pyjama, which is a lightweight drawstring trouser. Though mostly worn on formal occasions, kurta pajama can also be worn casually. In fact, there are numerous Indian men who wear this clothing as their sleepwear.

History of Kurta Pajama

The phrase 'pyjama' crept into the English language from Hindustani, a language from which Urdu and Hindi originated. The word originally derives from the Persian word 'Payjama' meaning 'leg garment'. It was due to the British colonialization of India that the expression 'pajama' and the dress reach to other parts of the world. In India, one will often find politicians wearing white smart Kurta Pajama. As a tradition, civilians be dressed in this dress during revels and other particular occasions like holi, Holy ceremony, etc.
Mostly silky material fabrics are used for making kurta pajama as it is supposed to be a comfortable loose fitting dress. Though fine quality cotton is the most common stuff used for making kurta pajama, other fabrics like silk and satin are also used. Normally adults prefer wearing the kurta and pajama in neutral shades, as they give a very distinguished look. Children, on the other hand, wear this dress in diverse hues and patterns. Kolhapuri chappals are the most preferred footwear for this kind of attire.


Kurta Pajama Designs


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