Friday, October 15, 2010

Levi's global women's denim fashion

Global jeanswear company Levi Strauss recently introduced its new line of custom-built jeans made to fit the natural curves of a woman's body. The new line, Levi's Curve ID, utilises a revolutionary fit system based on a new design approach that identifies three distinct body types of women's shapes: Slight Curve, Demi Curve and Bold Curve. To prove how women can feel confident and sexy in jeans, the product launch highlighted a fashion show with "Levi's Curve ID: Shape, Not Size", featuring three Thai celebrity models who represented each of the three body types, namely Sririta Jensen, Chermarn "Ploy" Boonyasak and Warattaya "Jui" Nilkuha.

"With Curve ID, Levi revolutionises the world of women's fashion jeans by addressing women's fit frustration, and helps them feel more confident and sexy in their jeans. Levi's Curve ID applies a unique, customised fit system that focuses on a woman's individual shape and proportions, not her size," said Ponsinh Boutkaska, marketing manager of DKSH (Thailand) Ltd.

"And after studying and listening to more than 60,000 women from around the world," he continued, "we found that 87 percent of them wished they could find a pair of jeans that fit better than the ones they own, while 54 percent said they had to try on at least 10 pairs of jeans to find just one pair they would buy. Through this research, Levi's designers identified the three distinct body types of a woman's shape on a universal level - Slight Curve, Demi Curve and Bold Curve.

"Levi's revolutionary fit system of Curve ID will be introduced with the concept of a woman's beauty and sexiness accentuated by jeans that fit perfectly to her curves. What women idolise in terms of confidence and a sexy figure is represented in the three Curve ID fits; Sririta Jensen represents active women in the Bold Curve fit, Jui Warattaya represents confident and sexy career women in the Demi Curve fit, and Ploy Chermarn represents delightfully naughty girls in the Slight Curve fit," added Ponsinh.

The launch event included an introduction of Sririta Jensen as the chosen presenter of Levi's Curve ID, during which she shared her feelings about finding jeans that fit perfectly with her own shape and proportions. The event was highlighted by the "Levi's Curve ID: SHAPE, not SIZE" fashion show, along with a special session where everyone in attendance got to try on the three different fits of Levi's Curve ID, plus gain useful advice from Levi's Curve ID Fit Experts, allowing them to experience how the right fit can give them a different feel of increased confidence, improved personality and achieve a sexier appearance.

The revolutionary Levi's Curve ID fits are available at Levi retail stores nationwide.

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